Expansion Joints, Control Joints & Fire barriers

Tristar is one of the largest service providers of Expansion Joints. These joints are designed to safely absorb the heat induced expansion and contraction of the construction materials to absorb vibration, to hold parts together or to allow movement due to ground settlement. Followings are the elegant solutions for movment and fire protection.

  •  Control Joints

  •  Exterior Seal System

  •  Heavy Duty Expansion Joints for Roads and Bridges

  •  Fire Barrier Systems

  •  Architectural Expansion Joints

  •  Architectural Copping Joints



List of projects


  • Delhi International Airport

  • Hyderabad International Airport

  • Mumbai Domestic Airport

  • Srinagar International Airport

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi

  • IG Stadium / Karni  Singh Shooting Stadium, New Delhi

  • PCA Stadium, Mohali

  • Formula one-Noida

  • Mall of India, Noida

  • Mixed Used Development Park(MUDP), Mohali

  • Chennai International Airport




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